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The Most Important Aspect of Developing a Website

Today, you have many options to develop a website. You can build a website using code like basic HTML and complex PHP. If you prefer pointing and clicking, you can use a website design tool with ready-made templates.

Whatever option you choose for website development, try to keep one aspect in mind: that aspect can maybe break or make your website once the viewing public gets access to it.

So what’s the most important aspect of developing your website? The answer is your purpose. After all, your purpose, or company objective, is the very reason for building the website in the first place.

Guided by your objectives, your website should be able to get leads for clients, have a regular and constant timeline for updates and launches, and of course, effectively promote your business to your targeted market.

All of these are going to depend on the kind of structure you build for your website. It is imperative that your website is able to provide a very intuitive and reader-friendly environment, not only so they would be enticed to drop by for a visit, but more importantly, so that they may be encouraged to keep coming back for more.

To this end, there are companies out there who offer professional website development services, like Aligned Right Media, to help inexperienced companies build their websites. Whatever you decide, always keep in mind your desired goals for your company that you can get through your website.


Reasons to Hire a Social Media Marketing Company

Social media marketing has impacted a wide range of companies in a positive way. More and more business owners are seeking these service because it’s just that effective. Here are some benefits to hiring professionals who specialize in these services:

Increased Exposure and Traffic

Once you have a social media marketing company work on your website, you’ll surely get more hits. Customers will be flocking to your site because it would become more visible to potential clients, thanks to improved rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Gain Loyal Fans

Since your website attracts a lot of attention, you will have a regular following. Imagine the recommendations satisfied clients can make. They can put in a good word for you to their friends, family and colleagues. Remember, word of mouth marketing may be the oldest, but is still the most important method of spreading word about your product or service.

Added Value to the Company

Social media is designed in such a way that a company’s strong points are emphasized. The sites are very interactive and also aim to educate prospective clients.

Social media marketing has become a very handy tool in the corporate world. Companies rely on this method because it’s fool-proof, and because of that it has become into a trend that appeals to various types of professionals.

Reasons Why You Should Use PPC Ads

As more and more people turn to online marketing these days, marketing tools continue to evolve and redefine “the game”. It’s no longer enough that a lot of people visit your website, the challenge is to get them to stay there. Of course, the latter part is impossible without the former, which is why marketing agencies offer pay-per-click (PPC) ads as a standard component of any online marketing strategy. However, that doesn’t mean that this basic service isn’t effective on its own.

On the contrary, PPC is one of the best ways for a company to gauge the amount of traffic that it website receives regularly. This number of “hits” can then be used to identify the typical internet user’s browsing habits, what pages on the site they visit, how long do they stay in the website, and other important information that the company can use to come up with future marketing strategy. PPC ads are also one of the quickest ways to reach out to a large audience because everyone who uses the Internet will see them.

Perhaps one of the best reasons why PPC is very attractive is that is quite simple and affordable to use, at least compared to other more effective, but long-term, marketing strategies. PPC can also be used to test the effectiveness of the keywords created from a search engine optimization strategy (i.e. how many “hits” will a particular keyword generate?) without much consequence.

Exciting Internet Marketing Trends for 2014

Online reputation management (ORM) has become a vital part of Internet marketing campaigns, as it helps individuals, groups, and businesses monitor what is being said about them, both good and bad, online. By integrating dynamic online reputation management campaigns with their internet marketing campaigns, businesses can push positive reviews and content to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), while suppressing libelous reviews and content, ensuring that prospective customers click and peruse the former.

Businesses can also interact with their customers and leads more directly—earning their loyalty and patronage simultaneously—by creating dynamic social media marketing campaigns. Social media has opened doors of opportunity for businesses that were previously considered intimidating. Facebook, for example, has 1.26 billion users, while LinkedIn has 238 million users. Businesses that are able to tap successfully into this large audience can greatly increase their consumer base and sales.

SEO experts say that social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter will continue to engage billions of people in 2014. Among some of the predicted social media trends for 2014 include the increase in mobile phone usage. As mobile phones and smart phones become more sophisticated, the number of users who can contact businesses regarding their products and services will only increase.

These users can recommend products and services to their peers, as well as promotions and other special offers, by sharing and reposting content on social media sites.