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Tips for Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation

People will always prefer to deal with a reputable business. This is why many consumers spend time to check the Internet for any reviews on a product or service they are interested in. With that in mind, remember how important it is that your business maintains a sterling online reputation.

Unfortunately, maintaining a clean online reputation can be difficult because there are so many places on the internet for both positive and negative reviews to hide. That said, here are a few helpful tips to make managing your online reputation a little easier:

Flaunt Positive Reviews

There is no rule that says you cannot direct people to where your positive reviews are. In your physical store, add a sign that informs people where your positive reviews can be found. At the same time, encourage existing customers to post their reviews on the same site as well.

Address Negative Reviews

You cannot please everyone and a negative review is bound to appear sooner or later. Avoid the temptation to lash out as doing so can make you look unprofessional and petty. Ignoring the negative review should also be avoided as this can give the impression of complacency and disinterest.

Instead, focus more on trying to politely address the complaints in the negative review. You do not have to resolve all the issues that pop out, but it is important that you show others that customer satisfaction is a top priority for your business.


Tell Your Friends: Managing Your Brand Online

The Internet is a wondrous tool for businesses, as the online world is perfect for marketing a brand to a global audience. Additionally, due to the popularity of social media networks, it’s now easier for individuals to share their thoughts to the rest of the world. While a powerful asset for businesses that plan to market themselves in trendy social networks, dissatisfied customers can also use the same mechanic to voice their disappointment in a particular product or service.

A business’ reputation precedes itself online, since many customers prefer to research about a company before making purchases. If a negative review comes up, it can discourage consumers and ruin a business’ reputability for good. Companies need to be more wary about the things their customers are saying about them, since it can make or break sales.

Businesses that are suffering from contemptuous remarks might want to use online brand management services to turn the tides in their favor. With online reputation management (ORM), a business can share with the rest of the world its best aspects while downplaying the appearances and effects of negative reviews. To successfully pull off ORM, businesses will need the expertise of an online marketing firm with experience handling such cases.

Pay per Click: Great Advertising on a Budget

A lot of online businesses turn to Pay per Click Marketing as a quick and cost-effective solution to pressing advertising needs. Placing ads strategically on search engines, Pay per Click advertising increases awareness of your brand or services while providing relevant information to potential clients.

If you are just starting your business online, PPC ads can be launched immediately even while other aspects of your comprehensive marketing campaign are still in the works. It’s also effective for low-risk testing of keywords or determining which of your site’s pages have the highest conversion rate.

You can also enjoy the flexibility of choosing various advertisement copies for each keyword that in turn, increases website traffic quality. Pay per click ads can also be timed to coincide with periods that generate the best sales in targeted regions. Aside from increasing site traffic and upping conversions, your top spot on a search engine site gives your business an advantage even with other bigger competitors in the playing field.

Various online marketing companies, such as Aligned Right Media, offer Pay per Click services that can be customized for all kinds of business campaigns. Utilizing PPC advertising can give you great control and freedom when it comes to creating a niche for your business and becoming an industry leader in the future—all without going over the budget. 

Tips for Managing your Online Brand Effectively

In today’s market trends, building relationships with customers online is crucial in ensuring the success and continuous realization of your business goals. You can make your business easily identifiable and promote a good impression of your services through the following techniques in online brand management:

Proper Business and Domain Name

A business and domain name should effectively communicate your message. Whether you are providing products or services, your brand or domain name should be able to give a clear picture of the nature of your business. This lets you to stand out from your other competitors and allows potential customers to instantly recall your company.

Build Social Media Profiles

The quickest way to reach a larger audience of potential clients is through popular media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Having active profiles not only allows you to engage your customers but also leads to easy ranking and direct return of investments.

Ensure Excellence

No matter how effective your branding techniques are, the best way to have a clean brand image is to make sure that existing customers are satisfied. Negative reviews can impact your online branding strategies while good customer experiences solidify your brand image.

Creating and managing your online brand are among the most important aspects of successful business marketing. There are online management reputation companies, such as Aligned Right Media, that can help you establish a strong and respectable internet presence. 

Exciting Internet Marketing Trends for 2014

Online reputation management (ORM) has become a vital part of Internet marketing campaigns, as it helps individuals, groups, and businesses monitor what is being said about them, both good and bad, online. By integrating dynamic online reputation management campaigns with their internet marketing campaigns, businesses can push positive reviews and content to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), while suppressing libelous reviews and content, ensuring that prospective customers click and peruse the former.

Businesses can also interact with their customers and leads more directly—earning their loyalty and patronage simultaneously—by creating dynamic social media marketing campaigns. Social media has opened doors of opportunity for businesses that were previously considered intimidating. Facebook, for example, has 1.26 billion users, while LinkedIn has 238 million users. Businesses that are able to tap successfully into this large audience can greatly increase their consumer base and sales.

SEO experts say that social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter will continue to engage billions of people in 2014. Among some of the predicted social media trends for 2014 include the increase in mobile phone usage. As mobile phones and smart phones become more sophisticated, the number of users who can contact businesses regarding their products and services will only increase.

These users can recommend products and services to their peers, as well as promotions and other special offers, by sharing and reposting content on social media sites.