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Importance of Online Marketing to Small Businesses

Small businesses typically have a lot to do to contend with industry giants for a share of the market. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they couldn’t have a nice, reliable edge over their big competitors.

This is especially true in the realm of marketing. Internet marketing today is at a point where even small business investors can stand an equal chance of getting seen in the market without expending too much resources—provided that they know where to look. It’s no surprise that small businesses are relying on the Internet to market their services or goods since the Web is such a powerful tool for information. However, to make their advertising really stand out from among the competition, entrepreneurs should see to it that they have their unique Internet marketing strategies.

Websites are the primary means for a business to market online, and they need to be readily accessible to visitors for them to be any successful. Adding flair to a website won’t be enough, since it’ll need fresh and informative content to draw in users. Businesses that can’t seem to make an appealing website can always turn to online local business marketing firms for web design and optimization services.


Why DIY SEO is a No-No

The Internet has become such a juggernaut medium that startups know that using it as a form of advertising is a good way to attract clients. These startups also know that a good search engine optimization (SEO) service can get their websites to higher ground.

Unfortunately, most startup business owners won’t have finances at the ready to enlist the services of an online marketing firm. For this reason, these entrepreneurs resort to doing online marketing on their own or hire untrained or unskilled people to do so for them. Moves like that will not do any favors to businesses in the long run.

For one, SEO is not merely about knowing the correct keywords to use and preparing informative and relevant content. Certain rules also apply in this industry. For instance, a business owner who may write well may turn in an interesting piece to read, but a keyword-heavy article will likely be flagged down by search engines.

Another downside to DIY marketing is unlike an experienced online marketing consultant, a business owner or his or her staff can hardly be objective. For example, everyone in the company may think he or she can produce a well-designed website. However, in reality and to outsiders, the website is an eyesore.

Marketing products or services online may sound simple enough, but it’s not. Online marketing should be a job reserved for those skilled and experienced professionals in the field.

10% OFF on Your Required Custom Web Design Services for the New Year

Building a website is necessary for business as it influences your customer’s decision to make a purchase. However, you shouldn’t just pick any website design you come across. You need a responsive website design that will enhance your company’s image.

Fortunately, Aligned Right Media can create this type of website for you—at a special New Year price. For the whole month of January, you can get our customized website development services at 10% less. Whether you want an awesome, elaborate site or a stripped-down, straightforward homepage, we can do all that and more.

Did you know that 50% of mobile Internet users now use smartphones or tablets as their primary tools for accessing the web? With numerous devices used to browse the Internet today, your site must be able to rearrange content and resize its elements according to the size of your visitor’s screen. If your website isn’t adapted to these tools yet, you need to have it redesigned.

Applying Adequate Pay-Per-Click Marketing For Extra Brand Visibility

Part of the challenge in a PPC campaign is to bid for the right keywords that may be bound to get more traffic at a certain period in time. However, the results may not be feasible if the budget was not properly planned for. A PPC specialist will be able to manage your budget while creating special accounts and clear ads.

Getting the PPC done right the first time is vital to attracting customers to your business and offer them enough quality products or services to come back again. A pay-per-click services firm such as Aligned Right will be the right ally to have by your side.

Why Honest Online Reputation Management Pays off for Your Business

Proper online reputation management, in this case, shouldn’t come at the expense of manipulating the facts. Other than the fact that it’s unethical, the Federal Trade Commission outlaws fake reviews and other signs of deceptive information as per the FTC Act. For example, ads that feature experiences of users of a product or service requires disclosure on the business’ part.

There’s a saying that a person should be honest “even if others are not, cannot, and will not.” This is not just a creed of proper online reputation management services like Aligned Right Media, but a tenet everyone should follow.

Online Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Businesses that operate on a local frame of reference stand to benefit from online marketing by allowing them to effectively reach their target audience. Below are a few great tips that can help any local business get started on the path to online marketing success.

Find a Memorable URL

Using any of the domain name application services on the internet, look for a website address that’s relevant to your business and is easy to remember. If you are able to secure an address that also includes your business’ geographical location, this will make it easier to optimize your website’s ranking on search engine results.

Avoid Using Plugins that Slow Down Load Time and

Hide Content

Plugins like Flash and Java can slow down a website’s load time, if not implemented correctly, and effectively hide textual content from search engines. Websites with slow load times are typically penalized by search engines, and a site whose text is hidden from the search engines’ bots won’t get indexed.

Generate Sales with Clear Calls to Action

Unlike major businesses that are able to complement their online marketing efforts with television, print, and radio ads, local businesses usually only get a single chance to make an appeal for a sale. Presenting a clear call to action, backed up with your reputation for great service, will help to secure customer involvement before you lose them to the fog that is the Internet.

Two Lessons from Bill Gates on Online Marketing

So, you want to dominate in the rough-and-tumble world of the Internet? Well, Bill Gates has had a lot to say about online marketing, some of which may have been lost in the woodwork. Below are a few examples:

Content is King …

… was the title of Bill Gates’s historic essay from 1996. Long before search engine optimization, long before online marketing, longer even before Google was founded, the richest man on earth at that time made the prediction that the real money to be made on the Internet would come from content, and boy, was he right.

In today’s content-driven online marketing landscape, any business trying to establish a commanding online presence must be prepared to present the kind of content that people will love. However, in order to really win the race, not only should the content be good, there should be a lot of it as well.

… “[E]very publication has to think of their digital strategy” …

… was one of Bill Gates’s famous little quips, and once again, he’s right. Strategy is important in a digital world were similar services are pitted against each other. With so many companies competing for a spot in the limelight, a digital company needs to come out with a plan in order to stand out.

If you can’t compete on the same ground as others who are already in the game before you, look for novel ways to attract your audience and triumph over the competition.

Leading Search Engine Optimization Company on 2014’s Top SEO Trends

To boost their online visibility, many companies hire a trusted search engine optimization company to ensure that their website appears at the top of search result pages. Of course, the search engine landscape has changed drastically in recent years, especially as updates like Panda seek to weed out spammy webpages. With 2014 knocking on the doorstep, specialists are now weighing in on the SEO trends that will define the next 12 months. Jayson DeMers of writes that the once-ignored Google+ social platform will become a major player in search results.

How to Tell if Internet Marketing Consultants Know What They Are Doing

Internet marketing is the modern means of getting a brand before a target audience. There are actually no schools that you can go to for it specifically. Knowing how to do it takes years of experience in different areas of marketing. Companies trying to take advantage of the internet and create an online presence that results in more sales need to hire qualified internet marketing consultants.

There are many people claiming to be expert online marketing consultants, social media experts, and so on, but how can you be sure if they really know what they are doing? There is no degree in “Internet Marketing.” Moreover, to get results it can take many months to a year. You can be paying and paying and not know that they are incompetent until it is too late.

Responsive Sites Important in Online Marketing for Local Business

Any business that wants to be taken seriously must work on building a dynamically interactive website to get anywhere close with its customers. Business websites have actually evolved beyond serving as mere digital calling cards, and more as channels for companies to conduct business with their customers far and wide. In this digital age, people are opting to stay online even while on the go, turning to their mobile devices for greater convenience and speed.

To ensure that campaigns for online marketing for local business can be effective, companies need to create responsive websites that are consciously designed to get users interested in their products and services. Your business pages should be easy to view for any size and type of mobile device–be it an iPhone, iPad, smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Nowadays, it is both sensible and imperative for any marketing plan to provide user convenience to customers who shop through their mobile devices.