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ORM in a Critical World

Kermit Pattison, writer for The New York Times, asked an interesting question in his article about online reputation management (ORM): “How do you manage your reputation when everybody is a critic?”

Make no mistake; everybody is entitled to their opinion, especially in America. Everyone can express what they think or feel about something, even if it means making enemies with conflicting interests. However, the objective of ORM is not to attack but to disprove any negative impression floating around the Internet.

Do you want to explain what happened with the employee that put your business in a bad light? Write an article about it in the sincerest manner possible. Do you want to assure your clients that a heavily publicized unfortunate event does not regularly happen in your business? The sky’s the limit for word count. ORM is your answer to the negative publicity, allowing them to die down eventually.

ORM today, according to Pattison, is a three-step process of monitoring, managing, and promoting the content. Look at what people are saying about your business, create a statement and manage the plus points you have, and use the positive vibes to get your business back in the radar. You have a lot of ground to cover in ORM, from Yelp to social media.


A Quick Look at Local SEO

Search engine optimization is important to any business marketing strategy. With the millions of companies competing for the top rankings on a search engine page, SEO practices have to be carefully planned and managed to be successful.

The increasingly competitive SEO arena has given rise to strategies aimed at making SEO more relevant and beneficial to small businesses who operate in limited localities. One of the most notable of such strategies is local SEO. By focusing marketing efforts to a company’s specific market, local SEO can bring in more targeted customers to a business’ site, and help in effectively converting leads to sales.

The elements of a national SEO campaign also figure into local SEO; however, the latter has a few basic elements that are unique for its functions. These include the creation of a local profile on Google and other search engines, online citations, and business reviews. A local profile is important to make customers aware of a business’ presence, its location, and contact information. Citations and reviews are critical to put a business ahead of the competition on search engine results pages.

Citations can come from any online source that mentions a business’ name, such as sponsorship in a charity event, or an online directory listing. Reviews imply that customers are aware of your business and are spreading the (preferably good) word about it.

Why Local Businesses Need Internet Marketing

Today, people live in a fast-paced world where everything could change in a matter of seconds. In the world of business, innovations and strategies are created in order to boost sales and expand customer reach. As local businesses do their best to survive in a competitive environment, they must take advantage of every opportunity they come across immediately.

One of the most effective tools used by more and more companies in recent years is Internet marketing. Experts say that businesses that have yet to realize the potentials of online marketing may be lagging several steps behind. For local businesses, Internet marketing is a venture that is worth getting into.

Primarily, businesses will have websites that promote interactions and encourage communication with their target market. Having a visitor-friendly site carries all the important details pertaining to the company’s products and services is crucial if a business would want create a strong impact and brand recognition. Furthermore, companies will be able to harness the power of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, to introduce their products, launch new promos, and foster interactions with their customers.

Moreover, customers can easily give their comments, feedback, and suggestions, which will help businesses improve on their products and services. There are many other benefits local Internet marketing brings to the table and it’s up to the business owners how they will use these to their advantage.


Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants

If you are running a business and you feel that something is keeping you from taking your brand to the next level, then perhaps you need the help of an Internet marketing consultant. Online marketing is the new battlefield in terms of creating brand awareness, selling products and services, and expanding clientele. Here are a few things you can expect from online marketing consultants.

From dull to engaging

Consultants can transform the content of your company website from dull to engaging, which in turn, will attract more visitors. They will provide creative inputs and ideas that will make your products and services more appealing to the public.

Web ranking

Another one of their expertise is creating online presence for your website, which means positioning your site on top of the results pages of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. They utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your site will be one of the first ones people will get to see whenever they search for products and services that you offer.

Getting more social

Lastly, they can further boost your online presence and open more doors for client interactions through social media. With millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you will be able to create a more personalized connection through these platforms and build stronger relationships with your target market.

Preserving the Business Name and Dignity

All business owners want to provide something that their customers need. When a successful transaction ends well, you know you’ve helped a person find something useful. However, in the age of increased connectivity and viral videos, a few ill words about a lapse of judgment on your part may sufficiently broadside your company’s customer base. While this particular threat looms every day, you can let an effective online reputation management (ORM) system hold the line for you.

ORM involves generating positive professionally written content about the issue and highlighting their visibility while burying negative material about it that appears. It can mean many things in the context of a small local business. You can set things going by running a daily Google Alert for your business’ name and buy it a special Internet domain. An online marketer can use the domain to assemble a website over WordPress and fill it up with keyword-optimized content.

A raft of social media accounts is vital to the business website. Having dedicated marketers run them for you by linking ORM content along with other informational materials helps potential customers go to the site right away. A feedback system on the site itself also encourages better interaction. The business owner can also do their part by leaving their own private accounts locked down.

There is a small chance of failing when you continue giving consumers what they need and maintain a positive and concrete image with your customers.

Tips to Improve Your Business’s Online Reputation

In show business, people often say that any publicity is good, but if you run a business, you should do all you can to avoid negative publicity. Detractors and naysayers can severely tarnish the reputation that you’ve built, and this can be all the more damaging when your business relies on good word-of-mouth to reel in customers and profit. Fortunately, you can apply a few methods to get rid of bad publicity.

Hire SEO Services

In this regard, “out of sight, out of mind” rings true. If you think that negative blogs and forum discussions about your business seem to be gaining ground on search engine results pages or SERPs, hire a search engine optimization (SEO) provider to generate content and employ other techniques to help your prospective customers see the good that your business offers instead of the negativity that your business has been wrongly associated with.

Add Content to High-Ranking Sites

Look for reputable and popular websites (Quora is a good example), and focus your content marketing there. Ensuring content frequency, volume and quality in those sites will create a springboard effect to increase your chances of scoring a place in the first two pages of SERPs and help supersede any pages with negative content.

Ensure Quality Links

Aside from content, quality inbound links (those that lead to pages in your site) is also an important force in maintaining your online reputation. Your online marketing company should have efficient link-building services.