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The Main Points of the Web Design Process

A web design project requires an intricate process from start to finish so as to fulfill all necessary requirements. Enumerated below are the main points that web developers (individual or agency-affiliated) take note of to ensure a speedy yet efficient workflow.

Stage one: Planning. Everything is laid down and decided upon. This includes an analysis of the client’s goals, requirements, target audience, and resources. The site’s main flow is planned out and refined; and IT requirements are secured.

Stage two: Design. The project’s “artsy” part. Using software like Photoshop or Illustrator, the designer outlines a mockup and sends it for approval. Trial-and-error for design elements ensue, and once the final result is approved, it’s coding time.

Stage three: Development. The designer puts all plans into reality. A huge amount of programming begins, with the designer taking note of all project requirements along the way. After the preliminary and final coding processes, the site’s tabs are tested out for full functionality.

Stage four: Launch. The website is now being prepared for public viewing. Design is polished, links tested, and the user interface evaluated in terms of navigation ease. The site is also tested on different platforms (mobile and desktop), to ensure top-notch compatibility. It’s also transferred to a live web server. The site is run for a specific period of time, after which it is evaluated for additional tweaks, possible bugs, and fixes.

After everything is done, alas! The website is now fully operational. 


The Ethical and Proper use of Keywords in SEO

Many companies are now relying on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to successfully market their products or services online. Whenever a customer searches for an item or a business, the search engine directs them to a list of suitable company websites through the right keywords. With the very tight competition among websites to get to the front pages of Google and other search engine search returns, certain methods have been put in place to make sure Internet searches stay reliable.

SEO groups utilize informative articles and attractive web designs to boost the online reputation of a business. These articles are usually optimized with keywords. Keywords make it easy for search engines to find relevant content when an Internet user makes a search for a particular topic or product. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of these keywords, packing a single article with several mentions of these keywords. This practice sacrifices the quality of content, putting searchers and Internet users at a disadvantage. Avoiding this practice is one of the reasons for Google to change its algorithms, causing its search engine spiders to ignore content with too many linked keywords.

There are currently several “white hat SEO groups” devoted to proper SEO methods. With more and more businesses focusing on online promotions, conforming to search engine algorithms intended to uphold the integrity of Internet content is necessary for a successful SEO campaign.

Web Design Services: Websites Need to Balance Beauty with Efficiency

“This can be done with the help of Responsive Web Design (RWD), which allows websites to remain coherent and readable when viewed from various resolutions. To illustrate: a picture that appears perfect in a 10-inch laptop screen would normally be cropped or cut so that it can fit in a 4-inch smartphone screen. With responsive design, that same picture can simply zoom itself out when viewed on the latter, its shape being relative to the size of the screen.

Companies that offer responsive website design services can create websites that follow best usability practices in order to make the user’s experience as seamless as possible. Websites that follow best usability practices avoid unnecessary clutter, which allows the user to focus on the most important information on the site. In many ways, achieving a balance of beauty and efficiency is the main goal of web design trends this 2014.”

10% OFF on Your Required Custom Web Design Services for the New Year

Building a website is necessary for business as it influences your customer’s decision to make a purchase. However, you shouldn’t just pick any website design you come across. You need a responsive website design that will enhance your company’s image.

Fortunately, Aligned Right Media can create this type of website for you—at a special New Year price. For the whole month of January, you can get our customized website development services at 10% less. Whether you want an awesome, elaborate site or a stripped-down, straightforward homepage, we can do all that and more.

Did you know that 50% of mobile Internet users now use smartphones or tablets as their primary tools for accessing the web? With numerous devices used to browse the Internet today, your site must be able to rearrange content and resize its elements according to the size of your visitor’s screen. If your website isn’t adapted to these tools yet, you need to have it redesigned.

Pay per Click: Great Advertising on a Budget

A lot of online businesses turn to Pay per Click Marketing as a quick and cost-effective solution to pressing advertising needs. Placing ads strategically on search engines, Pay per Click advertising increases awareness of your brand or services while providing relevant information to potential clients.

If you are just starting your business online, PPC ads can be launched immediately even while other aspects of your comprehensive marketing campaign are still in the works. It’s also effective for low-risk testing of keywords or determining which of your site’s pages have the highest conversion rate.

You can also enjoy the flexibility of choosing various advertisement copies for each keyword that in turn, increases website traffic quality. Pay per click ads can also be timed to coincide with periods that generate the best sales in targeted regions. Aside from increasing site traffic and upping conversions, your top spot on a search engine site gives your business an advantage even with other bigger competitors in the playing field.

Various online marketing companies, such as Aligned Right Media, offer Pay per Click services that can be customized for all kinds of business campaigns. Utilizing PPC advertising can give you great control and freedom when it comes to creating a niche for your business and becoming an industry leader in the future—all without going over the budget. 

How Internet Marketing Benefits Local Businesses

The success of any business, whether big or small, hinges on its sales performance. Sales, in turn, are driven by the number of customers that deal with the busine, ss. While all of this is pretty elementary, what most people tend to take for granted is that customers won’t just buy a product or service unless it’s been properly marketed to them.

Large businesses have the advantage of having access to multiple modes of marketing, as well as maintaining an existing brand identity, which could overshadow smaller businesses. However, all hope isn’t lost for small businesses as they still have a fighting chance by engaging in effective Internet marketing.

The World Wide Web is such a vast arena that no single industry or corporate entity can claim to have conquered it. This level playing field allows even local businesses to prominently market themselves in a given region. With popular Web applications and social media trends gaining traction, local businesses now have various options to promote their products and services, and thereby keep up with larger competitors.

In other words, small businesses cannot afford to overlook the Internet’s marketing potential. Businesses would do well to work with a reputable online marketing expert who can help widen their market reach.