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Inside Google’s AdWords Wars

Securing an ad space for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing isn’t as easy as buying groceries. You have to outbid everyone else. If self-storage has Storage Wars, Google has AdWords Wars.

Prime estate for these types of auctions include insurance, loans, mortgage and attorney – all of which often enlist internet marketing services. Say you want to secure a space for “insurance.” An auction can commence if more than one interested party want the same keyword relevant to the search query. Broad keywords like “insurance” may enter multiple search query auctions.

You may think you have a higher chance of winning with more money. However, this isn’t your usual auction. Having the highest maximum bid is only half the battle; the other half determines how useful your ad is when hosted. It doesn’t matter if you’re the highest bidder; Google hardly favors a bidder with a really ineffective ad.

The product between the maximum bid value and quality score is called the ad rank. You can bid for less as long as the quality of your ad is solid. A $1.00 maximum bid for an ad with a quality score of 10 can win over an $8.00 maximum bid for an ad with a quality score of just 1. This is an advantage to businesses because they may end up paying less for every click.


Why your Business’ Online Reputation is Important

When customers are looking to buy a product or hire a business for one of its services, they often look at its reputation first. In the old days, this usually involved calling up friends and family and asking whether they heard anything bad about a particular business.

However, nowadays the Internet is often what they consult. The main problem with that is the Internet can be a source of a lot of bad information on your business, and can trash your good reputation. This can lead to lost sales and revenue that could have easily been avoided.

This is where online reputation management comes in. The first thing you have to understand about it is that you cannot choose not to engage in it. Your business will have an online presence whether you like it or not, via customer reviews and other feedback venues that help customers. The main problem for many is how to manage their online reputations.

Thankfully, many Internet marketing companies often have online reputation management as part of their packages to clients. Making sure that your business does not have a negative image often helps them do their job, so it is often in the cards when signing up with one. Ensure that your business has a spotless reputation to get the most of your Internet marketing campaign.

Make Your Business Soar with Effective Social Media Marketing Services

“Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have catapulted their way to the top of the public communications pyramid in the past decade, and they have never looked back since. With hundreds of millions of users, it’s no wonder why they’re essentially a mecca to marketing companies worldwide.

We at Aligned Right Media recognize the need for your business to be heard and seen all throughout your target market. That is why as part of our efforts to extend our excellent social media marketing services to you, we are offering a promo of ZERO setup fee for all new social media campaigns aligned with our company.”

Dynamic Social Media Marketing Services: Social Media Trends for 2014

“In essence, SMO involves getting in touch with other people through the use of social media—like social networking websites, RSS (rich site summary) feeds, and online blogs. However, what makes SMO unique is that it requires consistent communication with network contacts to remain effective. In other words, it’s not enough for a company to simply open its own Facebook page and send out invites.

The company has to release promos, news stories, and other informative bits of info that will engage the target audience, and transform leads into customers. Such a task may prove too laborious for business owners to carry out—which is why online marketing firms like Aligned Right Media can lend a helping hand. Done correctly, SMO strategies from a reputable social media marketing company can reinforce brand awareness, create a larger customer base, establish a following on social media, and generate favorable web traffic—which in turn leads to increased sales and profitability.”

Welcome 2014 with Our New and Improved Social Media Marketing Services

If you feel that your business could have done a little bit better last year, then perhaps you need to start 2014 on the right track by harnessing the potential of social media. Aligned Right Media will guide you towards growth and profitability through our new and improved social media marketing services and packages.

As of October of last year, leading social media platforms had experienced significant growth as far as the number of people using them was concerned. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn accumulated a total of 2.91 billion active users, limited not only to the youth sector but also including businesses. With the growth expected to continue this year, being able to maximize these platforms and use them to your advantage are the key to sky-rocketing profits.