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Bloggers: The New Face of Endorsement

Looking for someone to endorse your goods or services but don’t have the money for a celebrity? Look no further; there are plenty of netizens on the Internet.

As far as Internet marketing is concerned, consumers look more to reviews by ordinary people than paid celebrities for goods and services. As they’ve dealt with the business in the past, the new generation of target audience is more likely to trust bloggers. Surveys support this; only a tenth of respondents say they were encouraged to buy by celebrities.

Bloggers don’t cost as much as celebrities in service fees, making them an economic boon for online businesses. Coupled with the fact that millions today take to social media for the latest updates in current affairs, bloggers relate to the target market more. As per a 2013 survey, the blog is the third most powerful tool of influence in marketing.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort for the brand to propagate across the market using the blog route. Even just a handful of bloggers creating content for a particular product or service can already make enough content to be read by over a million people in social media. When the content gets around via sharing, marketing has done its intended job.


2 Ways of Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

Internet marketing for local businesses is growing in popularity, and it is no longer just for medium and large companies throughout the country. It can be quite challenging to make internet marketing work as it is a broad industry composed of so many methods and strategies for you to choose from and try. One thing that can help narrow down your choices and give you some direction is if you get to know the following major components of online marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is done to optimize one’s website to make it more relevant, thereby increasing its placement or rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). If you typed a word or phrase in Google to search for something, then imagine others doing the same especially to find a local business. SEO aims to optimize your business’ website as best as possible for certain keywords or phrases that your target market types or enters in search engines.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is similar to SEO, except for the fact that social media platforms are the marketing tool of choice. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are popular because they help people discuss, share information, and basically keep in touch. You can use social media to get people to pay attention to your brand, to see what you have to offer, or to ask more information about what you’re offering.

Start Small, Dream Big: Tips on Online Marketing for Local Business

“One way to create a successful local SEO campaign is to produce keyword-rich content with geographical references—such as an event or a festival exclusive to an area. With those references incorporated into a website or web page, locals are bound to pay attention, as well as relate to the products or services being offered. Another way to increase visibility within a local market is to create profiles on location-based sites like Foursquare and Facebook Places, and be listed on local directories.

However, it’s important to ensure that the profiles on these sites are updated regularly. Business owners can rely on experienced online marketing firms, like Aligned Right Media, to create and manage their profiles on such sites. With effective internet marketing for local business, businesses can reach out to leads in a specific geographical location and transform them into clients, which of course leads to profit gain.”

Online Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Businesses that operate on a local frame of reference stand to benefit from online marketing by allowing them to effectively reach their target audience. Below are a few great tips that can help any local business get started on the path to online marketing success.

Find a Memorable URL

Using any of the domain name application services on the internet, look for a website address that’s relevant to your business and is easy to remember. If you are able to secure an address that also includes your business’ geographical location, this will make it easier to optimize your website’s ranking on search engine results.

Avoid Using Plugins that Slow Down Load Time and

Hide Content

Plugins like Flash and Java can slow down a website’s load time, if not implemented correctly, and effectively hide textual content from search engines. Websites with slow load times are typically penalized by search engines, and a site whose text is hidden from the search engines’ bots won’t get indexed.

Generate Sales with Clear Calls to Action

Unlike major businesses that are able to complement their online marketing efforts with television, print, and radio ads, local businesses usually only get a single chance to make an appeal for a sale. Presenting a clear call to action, backed up with your reputation for great service, will help to secure customer involvement before you lose them to the fog that is the Internet.

Digital Age: Improve Your Online Marketing for Local Business In 2014

You probably know by now that one of the best ways to promote businesses is through online marketing because everything is digital nowadays. This means, selling your product or service should go beyond the typical advertising mode (e.g. distribution of flyers, magazines, and posters). This formula for success has, in fact, encouraged most businesses to establish a strong online presence.

With more and more people connecting to the web, you can’t ignore something as effective as online marketing for local business, especially if it’s done by professionals like Aligned Right Media. A recent Business Journal article published on December 24 stresses the fact that this can, indeed, make a big impact.

How Internet Marketing Benefits Local Businesses

The success of any business, whether big or small, hinges on its sales performance. Sales, in turn, are driven by the number of customers that deal with the busine, ss. While all of this is pretty elementary, what most people tend to take for granted is that customers won’t just buy a product or service unless it’s been properly marketed to them.

Large businesses have the advantage of having access to multiple modes of marketing, as well as maintaining an existing brand identity, which could overshadow smaller businesses. However, all hope isn’t lost for small businesses as they still have a fighting chance by engaging in effective Internet marketing.

The World Wide Web is such a vast arena that no single industry or corporate entity can claim to have conquered it. This level playing field allows even local businesses to prominently market themselves in a given region. With popular Web applications and social media trends gaining traction, local businesses now have various options to promote their products and services, and thereby keep up with larger competitors.

In other words, small businesses cannot afford to overlook the Internet’s marketing potential. Businesses would do well to work with a reputable online marketing expert who can help widen their market reach.

Preserving the Business Name and Dignity

All business owners want to provide something that their customers need. When a successful transaction ends well, you know you’ve helped a person find something useful. However, in the age of increased connectivity and viral videos, a few ill words about a lapse of judgment on your part may sufficiently broadside your company’s customer base. While this particular threat looms every day, you can let an effective online reputation management (ORM) system hold the line for you.

ORM involves generating positive professionally written content about the issue and highlighting their visibility while burying negative material about it that appears. It can mean many things in the context of a small local business. You can set things going by running a daily Google Alert for your business’ name and buy it a special Internet domain. An online marketer can use the domain to assemble a website over WordPress and fill it up with keyword-optimized content.

A raft of social media accounts is vital to the business website. Having dedicated marketers run them for you by linking ORM content along with other informational materials helps potential customers go to the site right away. A feedback system on the site itself also encourages better interaction. The business owner can also do their part by leaving their own private accounts locked down.

There is a small chance of failing when you continue giving consumers what they need and maintain a positive and concrete image with your customers.