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Taking Full Advantage of the “Social” SEO Trend

Social SEO is the newest trend to hit the web – which points out that social media platforms play a huge part in a web page’s search engine rankings. In fact, search engines consistently give higher rankings to sites with content that gets shared a thousand times, rather than those who have a thousand followers.

Communications expert Cheryl Conner enumerates several methods of taking advantage of this:

  • Brand names. Using brand names in posts can help Google associate the brand itself with your keyword-optimized posts.

  • Social profile linking. If your company maintains social media profiles, the links to these should be posted on your website to help Google consolidate them and give higher page rankings.

  • Be picky. There are sites which cater to a specific interest or groups of people. So unless your company’s nature fits the bill, don’t join it. Sites with the most traffic won’t always work if most of the people aren’t even interested in what you do.

  • Tweet. Twitter is one of the quicker-indexed sites on the cyberspace, and it’s sure to outrun your company site in the indexing race. Time-sensitive posts are best sent out thru Twitter for faster indexing.

Lastly, the more, the merrier. A larger audience talking about your company is certainly helpful. If more people know about you, the better the chances are for your posts to be shared and retweeted numerous times. Google provides higher page rankings if you’re consistently racking up viewership. 


Choosing the Right Online Marketing Service

The Internet has become a dominant part of people’s lives and it is no surprise that hiring online marketing companies is becoming popular. The problem is, how does a business owner know which online marketing service to put their trust in? The wrong choice can quickly result in lost revenue and wasted marketing money.

To know which company to trust, here are a few guidelines:

a) Look at their processes. An online marketing service thrives on how it understands the way search engines work and how they take advantage of this knowledge. Have them explain how they do this in a simple manner to learn how they operate.

b) Look at their clients. Every marketing service has a list of its clients it is proud of. Check on these previous clients to see how satisfied they are with the work provided by your candidate company.

c) Take a look at what your company’s strong suits. Online marketing covers a lot of areas, but usually companies have specific strengths. Confirm what your business requires in the online marketing arena and see if your prospective marketer can provide it.

d) Get payment terms quote. Knowing how much it will cost and how you can make sure the online marketing service you hired is doing its job should be a major concern.

Choosing an online marketing service can help define and shape your business for long-term, that’s why it should be done carefully. 

Some SEO Lessons an Internet Marketing Company Always Takes to Heart

A professional internet marketing company like Aligned Right Media takes these hard lessons to heart. Google has grown in algorithm so much that even the simplest SEO violations, whether or not intentional, can yield severe consequences. Even Google itself isn’t exempted from its own rules. Believe it or not, it has penalized itself in several instances.

In the end, that’s why it’s important to look for quality internet marketing services. They don’t rely on such tactics, and that fact will prove beneficial to your business.

Is ‘About’ Always About You? An Internet Marketing Company Explains

A professional internet marketing company like Aligned Right Media won’t care if you have a professional business site or an informal blog. Both have their respective up and downsides, but internet marketing has no solid preference between the two. Just remember to stay with your tone once you’ve chosen it.

If your blog is written in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way, make the About page just as fun. If your website is written with professionalism and formality in mind, present your goods and services similarly. Don’t sound awkward by incorporating an introductory tone different from the rest of the website.

Tools of a Good Social Media Marketing Company

If there’s one thing that distinguishes traditional marketing from internet marketing, it’s that the latter uses the internet, obviously. One important component of internet marketing is social media marketing, which also relies on the Internet but approaches it in a more personal way. Suffice to say, the two are quite similar yet very distinct, to the point that their specialties often overlap.

In many cases, an internet marketing company relies on search engine optimization (SEO) as one of its primary services. This refers to the process of ensuring that a website is associated by search engines like Google and Yahoo with certain keywords related to the website’s topic, then later listing the site high above their search results pages. How exactly this is done involves a variety of other strategies, including (but not limited to) website auditing and design.

A website audit is carried out to determine a particular website’s strengths and weaknesses, before working on improving the former and eliminating the latter. More often than not, this results in creating an efficient website design that is easy to use and optimized enough to be picked up by the aforementioned search engines. The keywords are placed in both the content and the coding of the website, but not before ensuring that the site itself is capable of receiving traffic from social media sites and other internet users.

How Dynamic Online Marketing Services Help Businesses Race to the Top

“Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another effective internet marketing strategy. Internet marketing companies that offer dynamic online marketing services will prepare relevant and informative content optimized with frequently searched keyword phrases. Successful SEO campaigns can propel business websites to the top of SERPs on Google, Yahoo!, and similar search engines.

While print advertising still has its place in the marketing and publishing worlds, internet marketing has definitely taken over the lead. Business owners that rely upon the services of reputable internet marketing companies can improve their online visibility, engage leads and customers, and increase their profits.”

Capitalize on Power of Facebook through Internet Marketing Company

If you’ve been operating your small business for a few years already, you will have undoubtedly heard of the importance of social media marketing in the success of your enterprise. You might even have gone as far as hiring a dependable internet marketing company to help you in your advertising needs. You must have been aware too that for the last few years, businesses have been trying to exploit Facebook as the leading social media site worldwide—so, what does it take to market your business through your site?

Choosing the Right Internet Marketing Consultant

Many people claim to be online marketing experts, but how can you be sure if they really know what they are doing? At present, there is no globally recognized degree in “Internet Marketing.” According to Search Engine Watch, very few internet marketing consulants walk the walk, so to speak.

Moreover, it can take several months or even well over a year to get the results you want. You can be paying for online marketing services without realizing that your provider is rather incompetent until it is too late. As such, it pays to exercise utmost caution when choosing an online marketing consultant.

When it comes to online marketing, be it for on-page publishing or social media marketing, one of the most important competencies a practitioner must possess is the ability to write good copy. In other words, effective written communication is a key component of every online marketing consultant’s arsenal.

Aside from professional references, be sure to test a prospective provider’s industry knowledge and technical knowhow. Ask them to define certain internet marketing terms, and to give examples of how they solved a problem. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like since, after all, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and that your internet marketing consultant is the real deal.