The Main Points of the Web Design Process

A web design project requires an intricate process from start to finish so as to fulfill all necessary requirements. Enumerated below are the main points that web developers (individual or agency-affiliated) take note of to ensure a speedy yet efficient workflow.

Stage one: Planning. Everything is laid down and decided upon. This includes an analysis of the client’s goals, requirements, target audience, and resources. The site’s main flow is planned out and refined; and IT requirements are secured.

Stage two: Design. The project’s “artsy” part. Using software like Photoshop or Illustrator, the designer outlines a mockup and sends it for approval. Trial-and-error for design elements ensue, and once the final result is approved, it’s coding time.

Stage three: Development. The designer puts all plans into reality. A huge amount of programming begins, with the designer taking note of all project requirements along the way. After the preliminary and final coding processes, the site’s tabs are tested out for full functionality.

Stage four: Launch. The website is now being prepared for public viewing. Design is polished, links tested, and the user interface evaluated in terms of navigation ease. The site is also tested on different platforms (mobile and desktop), to ensure top-notch compatibility. It’s also transferred to a live web server. The site is run for a specific period of time, after which it is evaluated for additional tweaks, possible bugs, and fixes.

After everything is done, alas! The website is now fully operational. 


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