Taking Full Advantage of the “Social” SEO Trend

Social SEO is the newest trend to hit the web – which points out that social media platforms play a huge part in a web page’s search engine rankings. In fact, search engines consistently give higher rankings to sites with content that gets shared a thousand times, rather than those who have a thousand followers.

Communications expert Cheryl Conner enumerates several methods of taking advantage of this:

  • Brand names. Using brand names in posts can help Google associate the brand itself with your keyword-optimized posts.

  • Social profile linking. If your company maintains social media profiles, the links to these should be posted on your website to help Google consolidate them and give higher page rankings.

  • Be picky. There are sites which cater to a specific interest or groups of people. So unless your company’s nature fits the bill, don’t join it. Sites with the most traffic won’t always work if most of the people aren’t even interested in what you do.

  • Tweet. Twitter is one of the quicker-indexed sites on the cyberspace, and it’s sure to outrun your company site in the indexing race. Time-sensitive posts are best sent out thru Twitter for faster indexing.

Lastly, the more, the merrier. A larger audience talking about your company is certainly helpful. If more people know about you, the better the chances are for your posts to be shared and retweeted numerous times. Google provides higher page rankings if you’re consistently racking up viewership. 


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