Bloggers: The New Face of Endorsement

Looking for someone to endorse your goods or services but don’t have the money for a celebrity? Look no further; there are plenty of netizens on the Internet.

As far as Internet marketing is concerned, consumers look more to reviews by ordinary people than paid celebrities for goods and services. As they’ve dealt with the business in the past, the new generation of target audience is more likely to trust bloggers. Surveys support this; only a tenth of respondents say they were encouraged to buy by celebrities.

Bloggers don’t cost as much as celebrities in service fees, making them an economic boon for online businesses. Coupled with the fact that millions today take to social media for the latest updates in current affairs, bloggers relate to the target market more. As per a 2013 survey, the blog is the third most powerful tool of influence in marketing.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort for the brand to propagate across the market using the blog route. Even just a handful of bloggers creating content for a particular product or service can already make enough content to be read by over a million people in social media. When the content gets around via sharing, marketing has done its intended job.


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