Monitoring a Pay Per Click Campaign

PPC reporting has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s a source of vital information, telling you if you’re succeeding or stagnating, and what to focus on. On the other, it’s extremely time-consuming, and it doesn’t really produce results in and of itself. Still, one cannot ignore its importance.

Regardless if your PPC advertising campaigns are managed in-house or by an agency, you’ll need to have PPC reporting done regularly. It’s not only important for the management team, but the entire PPC staff as well, because it offers an evaluation of their performance that’s not likely to be found anywhere else.

There are many types of PPC reports, and they can be presented in a variety of ways including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The format that they arrive in is not all that significant—what’s crucial is the metrics the reports contain. The key components that should appear in any PPC report includes: key performance indicators, impressions and clicks, conversions, test data, and details on key initiatives or tactics.

Your PPC manager will use these reports to inform you of any metrics that might translate to losses or reveal weak areas. When this happens, reasons for the decline should be explained, and recommendations for improvements should be outlined.


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