Do an Audit First Before You Develop Your Site!

For all their strengths and talents, internet marketing firms and other website development services can’t do their magic without working on their client’s website. To do this, they first perform a website audit that thoroughly studies all of the strengths, shortcomings, and features of a particular website. This information is then used as a bedrock for the marketing firms’ website improvements and additions.

The first element that they look into is the content aspect of the website, which typically refers to articles, images, videos, and other media found on it. If the site falls short in any of those, the marketing firm often recommends introducing more content. However, content also refers to the level of optimization that the website has. Its contents should be indicative of its purposes so that search engines can associate certain keywords and phrases to that site. For example, a site that sells skiing gear should have content related to skis, skiers, winter gear, and the like.

The next element of the audit is the technical aspect, which refers to coding, efficiency, and usability. Simply put, a website that takes too long to load or one that can’t handle multiple users at once definitely needs tweaking. Some features and plug-ins are usually revamped to accommodate greater internet traffic, although this is just one of the many strategies used.


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