Why DIY SEO is a No-No

The Internet has become such a juggernaut medium that startups know that using it as a form of advertising is a good way to attract clients. These startups also know that a good search engine optimization (SEO) service can get their websites to higher ground.

Unfortunately, most startup business owners won’t have finances at the ready to enlist the services of an online marketing firm. For this reason, these entrepreneurs resort to doing online marketing on their own or hire untrained or unskilled people to do so for them. Moves like that will not do any favors to businesses in the long run.

For one, SEO is not merely about knowing the correct keywords to use and preparing informative and relevant content. Certain rules also apply in this industry. For instance, a business owner who may write well may turn in an interesting piece to read, but a keyword-heavy article will likely be flagged down by search engines.

Another downside to DIY marketing is unlike an experienced online marketing consultant, a business owner or his or her staff can hardly be objective. For example, everyone in the company may think he or she can produce a well-designed website. However, in reality and to outsiders, the website is an eyesore.

Marketing products or services online may sound simple enough, but it’s not. Online marketing should be a job reserved for those skilled and experienced professionals in the field.


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