Two Lessons from Bill Gates on Online Marketing

So, you want to dominate in the rough-and-tumble world of the Internet? Well, Bill Gates has had a lot to say about online marketing, some of which may have been lost in the woodwork. Below are a few examples:

Content is King …

… was the title of Bill Gates’s historic essay from 1996. Long before search engine optimization, long before online marketing, longer even before Google was founded, the richest man on earth at that time made the prediction that the real money to be made on the Internet would come from content, and boy, was he right.

In today’s content-driven online marketing landscape, any business trying to establish a commanding online presence must be prepared to present the kind of content that people will love. However, in order to really win the race, not only should the content be good, there should be a lot of it as well.

… “[E]very publication has to think of their digital strategy” …

… was one of Bill Gates’s famous little quips, and once again, he’s right. Strategy is important in a digital world were similar services are pitted against each other. With so many companies competing for a spot in the limelight, a digital company needs to come out with a plan in order to stand out.

If you can’t compete on the same ground as others who are already in the game before you, look for novel ways to attract your audience and triumph over the competition.


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