ORM in a Critical World

Kermit Pattison, writer for The New York Times, asked an interesting question in his article about online reputation management (ORM): “How do you manage your reputation when everybody is a critic?”

Make no mistake; everybody is entitled to their opinion, especially in America. Everyone can express what they think or feel about something, even if it means making enemies with conflicting interests. However, the objective of ORM is not to attack but to disprove any negative impression floating around the Internet.

Do you want to explain what happened with the employee that put your business in a bad light? Write an article about it in the sincerest manner possible. Do you want to assure your clients that a heavily publicized unfortunate event does not regularly happen in your business? The sky’s the limit for word count. ORM is your answer to the negative publicity, allowing them to die down eventually.

ORM today, according to Pattison, is a three-step process of monitoring, managing, and promoting the content. Look at what people are saying about your business, create a statement and manage the plus points you have, and use the positive vibes to get your business back in the radar. You have a lot of ground to cover in ORM, from Yelp to social media.


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