A Quick Look at Local SEO

Search engine optimization is important to any business marketing strategy. With the millions of companies competing for the top rankings on a search engine page, SEO practices have to be carefully planned and managed to be successful.

The increasingly competitive SEO arena has given rise to strategies aimed at making SEO more relevant and beneficial to small businesses who operate in limited localities. One of the most notable of such strategies is local SEO. By focusing marketing efforts to a company’s specific market, local SEO can bring in more targeted customers to a business’ site, and help in effectively converting leads to sales.

The elements of a national SEO campaign also figure into local SEO; however, the latter has a few basic elements that are unique for its functions. These include the creation of a local profile on Google and other search engines, online citations, and business reviews. A local profile is important to make customers aware of a business’ presence, its location, and contact information. Citations and reviews are critical to put a business ahead of the competition on search engine results pages.

Citations can come from any online source that mentions a business’ name, such as sponsorship in a charity event, or an online directory listing. Reviews imply that customers are aware of your business and are spreading the (preferably good) word about it.


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